Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission (MCMC) | Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM)

KUALA LUMPUR – Officials from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) visited Awesome Broadcasting Sdn Bhd’s office earlier today amid an investigation into a possible violation.

A well-placed source familiar with the matter said MCMC was at the company’s premises this afternoon as part of a probe into a recent report by the channel’s news programme, Berita 7:57, which claimed that the government planned to reduce the number of civil servants.

However, the source did not reveal whether the visit saw any documentation checked, or whether any of the station’s staffers were questioned by MCMC officials.

It is understood that the regulator is looking into a possible violation of Section 36 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (CMA 1998).

An executive with the company, when contacted, declined to comment, but stressed the presence of the MCMC officials at their office today was a “friendly visit”.

The apparent visit comes after MCMC issued a statement today that it is considering regulatory action against the company, adding that television stations must comply with the rules and licensing conditions set out in the Content Application Service Provider Individual License (CASP) (I).

The investigation is being carried out under Section 206 of the CMA 1998 for failure to comply with the conditions of its license.

Late last year, the television station was embroiled in another controversy over alleged racist content on one of its Berita 7:57 bulletins.

After getting brickbats from netizens, a senior official from the channel said the report in question was about the Malay community being unresponsive to calls on voting in the 15th general election, which was “based on research”.

The official also insisted that the report was done to reinforce responsibilities among Malays so that they exercise their rights as citizens and voters. – The Vibes, March 7, 2023