Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission (MCMC) | Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM)

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) today announced the National Courier Accelerator Plan (PAKEJ), set to deliver quality of service (QoS) and seamless coverage to support the e-commerce industry’s growth to double the parcels per capita to 30 by 2025.

Chairman Dr Fadhlullah Suhaimi Abdul Malek said PAKEJ is a five-year strategic roadmap beginning this year as a solution from the National Postal and Courier Industry Lab’s (NPCIL) aspiration to have first class QoS for the people.

“In PAKEJ we are committed to QoS set by industry and government; industry-led digitalisation project with courier coverage mapping and strengthening the licensing regulatory framework.

“PAKEJ comes with eight initiatives within two pillars, which is firstly to help drive the industry’s sustainability and secondly to provide QoS and coverage-backed growth for the consumer,“ he told the media in a virtual briefing today.

According to Fadhlullah, under the first pillar, PAKEJ will provide parcel point networks through asset sharing and collaboration with Posmen Komuniti, parcel commercial vehicle enhancement and provide incentive to ensure support for the industry to sustain itself.

“From the consumer perspective will be the pillar that looks at QoS disclosure as well as incorporation of insurance policies for services that we procure; licencing framework review; courier infrastructure network map; and integrated National Address System,“ he added.

Under the PAKEJ, Fadhlullah said MCMC targets to create more parcel point networks, known as pick-up and drop-off (PUDO) facilities to improve the accessibility to pick up goods that consumers ordered or purchased.

“PUDO will be an interoperable platform which is available to all courier providers that can be fairly accessed and used by everyone.

“Our target is to add around 4,000 new PUDO facilities per year which subsequently will have a total of 30,000 points by the year 2025, in addition to the 10,000 operational PUDOs we have today,“ he said.

Meanwhile, Fadhlullah noted that PAKEJ will be monitored by MCMC’s Programme Management Office that will oversee the targets as well as the timeline for the initiatives.

“From a governance standpoint, we have the pre-council steering committee that will be chaired by myself together with industry leaders, and the PAKEJ steering committee will be chaired by the Minister of Communications and Multimedia who will table a quarterly report to the Cabinet members,“ said Fadhlullah.