Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission (MCMC) | Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM)

30 Dec 2022, The Edge Markets

PUTRAJAYA (Dec 30): The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) will introduce changes to the amateur radio operation structure effective Jan 1, 2023 to ensure the certification in Malaysia is in line with the practice in other countries.

MCMC said the changes include examination format, examination syllabus, qualification requirements to sit for the examinations and the introduction of Class C.

“It also involves the Morse Code examination to upgrade to Class A which is replaced by a computerised multiple-choice exam and the use of frequency and beam power limits for each class.

“The changes to the certification structure for amateur radio operators is in line with the amendment to the Communications and Multimedia (Technical Standards) Regulations 2000 that is for provisions relating to amateur radio,” it said in a statement on Friday (Dec 30).

MCMC said the changes were also aimed at encouraging students’ interest in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through amateur radio which would lead to the rise of amateur radio operators who can help during disasters.

The public is advised to refer to the Guidelines for Amateur Radio Global Practices, Service in Malaysia (3rd Edition) for more information regarding the new structure.

MCMC also announced that it had published a Handbook on Amateur Radio (1st Edition) as an additional reference to those interested to sit for the amateur radio examinations.

A question bank was also created by MCMC for all three amateur radio classes to provide exposure to the public on examples of examination questions as well as to assist candidates to prepare in advance.

All three documents can be found on the MCMC official website at

Further enquiries in relation to the application to sit for the amateur radio exam can be emailed to